Half-Year Exchange to Linköping University, Sweden

Last updated:01 Feb 2020

Half-Year Exchange to Linköping University, Sweden

Exchange Period: Fall Semester 2020


Information about Linköping University

Linköping University (LiU) is one of the largest academic institutions in Sweden. It is a new university, which gained university status in 1975. LiU has 4 campuses, which are Campus Valla, Campus Norrköping, University Hospital Campus (US) and Campus Lidingö. The majority of the students are studying on Campus Valla or the University Hospital Campus in Linköping.

In LiU, there are 4 faculties with 14 multidisciplinary departments. It offers programmes in fields of medicines, education, business, economics and engineering. It conducts research in a variety of disciplines such as materials science, information technology and disability studies. There are 120 study programmes in LiU, of which 25 are master’s programmes in English. Currently, LiU has 500 exchange agreements with universities in 50 countries. There are 2,000 international students in the campus.

To know more about Linköping University, please visit here: http://www.liu.se

Who can apply for this exchange programme?
All FAH Bachelor students with a GPA greater than 3.0 and FAH Master students with a GPA greater than 3.0 are eligible to apply. Bachelor candidates must have completed their first two years of study in UM by the start date of the exchange period.

Estimated Expenses 

You do not need to pay for the tuition fee at the Linköping University but you are liable to pay for the tuition fee at UM, and you are liable to meet all the expenses in connection to this exchange, such as but not limited to, air tickets, visa application fee, boarding fee, subsistence etc. For Master students, please refer to http://www.umac.mo/grs/en/tuition_fees.php for tuition fee to be paid during exchange.

Like everywhere else, the cost of living in Sweden depends on your lifestyle and where you live. At Linköping University (LiU) in East Sweden costs are not as high as some of the larger cities in Sweden. Here is an average monthly budget for students in Swedish kronor (SEK):

Food 2,370
Student accommodation 3,700
Local travel 550
Phone/internet 300
Hobby/leisure, miscellaneous 1,450
TotalSEK 8,370 (around €850 or $1,000)

This is the minimum amount that you will require. This amount does not include expenses for course literature, household furnishings, extensive medical treatment or travel within or outside of Sweden.


When applying for a residence permit, you must prove to the Swedish Migration Agency that you can support yourself financially during your studies. The maintenance requirement is currently set at SEK 8,370 per month.


For more information, you may visit this website https://liu.se/en/article/finances

Application Period
13 January – 14 February 2020

Application Dossier

  1. Application form
  2. CV
  3. Cover letter (Describing why you are interested in applying this exchange program and what your objective is; what are your strengths and weaknesses. Why should we pick you?)
  4. Transcript in English (since year 1)
  5. Recommend to submit a certificate or official document of your English proficiency, i.e. TOEFL or IELTS scores (result must be within recent 2 years) or official testimonial which proofs that your language of instruction is English.
  6. Any other supportive documents that will help you get into this program.

Please note that all selected students have to apply visas on their own.

Please send the soft copy of the requested application dossier to Carol / Christine at fah.exchange@um.edu.mo and hand in one set of original copy to Room E21-4092, FAH General Office.


For inquiries, please contact:

Ms. Carol Tong / Ms. Christine ChanRoom E21-4092, FAH General office

fah.exchange@um.edu.mo                   (Tel: 8822 4582 / 8822 8221)