Macaology Lecture Series: The Discovery of the First Chinese Historical Records on Western Christianity


Dr. Liu Mingqiang


9 Nov 2012


Liu Mingqiang(劉明強) is the descendant of Liu Chengfan (劉承范). Liu Chengfan was the Tongzhi of Shaozhou (韶州同知) in Ming Dynasty and used to be the friend of Matteo Ricci (利瑪竇). As the descendant of Liu Chengfan, Liu Mingqiang has found the important documents “The Bibliography of Matteo Ricci” which was written by Liu Chengfan in 1590s.

The Macaology Lecture Series (MLS) started in 2011. Since then, many renowned scholars in Macau History, Chinese History, East-West Relations, and Maritime and Religious History have visited the Centre of Macau Studies and the Department of History at the University of Macau to share their knowledge and most recent research. The MLS aims to raise peoples’ awareness about the past history of Macau, in particular, its key role in the encounters and exchanges between the Eastern and Western cultures over the last 500 years. Its ultimate goals are to foster the development of Macau Studies and to make known to the academic, student and wider public the current research on Macau History and its local, regional and global connections.


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