5 Ways to Enjoy Taipei

16 May 2017

Windy Pang, PhD student, Department of English │ ISSUE65  JAN2017  MyUM

5 Ways to Enjoy Taipei

Taipei is a dynamic metropolis with which you’ll never feel bored. My recent backpacking trip to Taipei has proven that even in the coldest season of the year, one can still find many ways to enjoy the city, which is only one and a half hour ’s flight away, just to name a few:

1. Maokong Gondola

This cable car decorated with lovely cartoon characters takes you to the top of the mountain in South Taipei. Do it at night, and you can drink in the city’s twinkling night view. Their Oolong tea, locally grown and brewed, is a drink you must not miss.

2. Night markets

Taipei’s night markets offer countless snacks that satisfy every gourmand’s taste buds. A long street full of small but well-decorated food-booths is not only a feast for the stomach but also a feast for the eyes.

3. Eslite 24 Hour Bookstore

The Eslite Bookstore in Taipei is the mecca for book lovers. Pick a book from the shelf, sit down with the book – no need to worry about the time! A cup of high-quality hot coffee at hand would make perfect company.

4. Hot spring-bath in Beitou

Located in the north part of Taipei, Beitou district is famous for its hot springs, thanks to its abundant geothermal resources. A hot mineral bath in the sulphur spring water washes away traveler’s fatigue.

5. A night in Jiufen

Spend a night in a mountain resident’s home. You can enjoy tranquil night view from the mountain top, and go to sleep listening to the gentle sounds of the Pacific waves. Do visit Jiufen Old Street and try their traditional snacks.

dynamicconstantly changing, and often exciting and energetic. ‘Macao has a dynamic cultural scene.’
to drink into take in or to receive with enjoyment. ‘She drank in every word of her favourite professor’s lectures.’
gourmanda person who really loves to eat and drink.
meccawhen written with a capital M, Mecca is a city in Saudi Arabia and the holiest city of Islam. When written with a small m, ‘mecca’ can be used to refer to a place which attracts many people of a particular group or with a particular interest.
tranquilquiet and peaceful

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