5 Ways to Spend the Summer Vacation

23 Nov 2017

MyUM, English Corner, May 2017, Jasmine Chen, PhD student, Department of English

After one semester ‘s hard work and study, nothing is more rewarding than a long-lasting summer vacation. Forget about labs, presentations, and exams. Liberate your minds and bodies from the yoke of GPA. Follow the five tips below to enhance the happiness of your holiday.

  1. Read a book. Try to kill your long summer afternoon with a book that you like but didn’t have time to read during the busy semester.  Exploit the joy that reading offers by slowing down your pace. Sit wherever you feel the most relaxed, be it the bedroom, library, or cafe.
  2. Travel. He that travels far knows much. If reading thousands of volumes is not achievable, step out of your room and travel thousands of miles instead. Join the summer exchange programme organized by UM, or plan a trip yourself. Leave your comfort zone and experience the diversity of the world.
  3. Learn to make yogurt. Making yogurt at home is a smart decision for people who want to cool down and keep fit at the same time.  Top the yogurt off with some fruit or honey to sweeten your life healthily.
  4. Do housework. Stretch your arms and legs and do housework every week. Cleaning the room is the first step to cleaning the mind.  Switch on another mode for the summer, and help your parents with the housework when you are more available.
  5. Keep a Write down your experience and feeling before going to bed every day. Keeping a diary helps you think and reflect. It is one of the most reliable records of your summer vacation. Time flies, but diary records. How did life treat you? Open your diary and read.

to liberate…from… : to set free (somebody or something);

the yoke of: something that causes people to be treated cruelly and unfairly especially by taking away their freedom;

to enhance: to increase or improve;

comfort zone: a place or situation w here one feels safe or at ease, a place that does not make one feel stressed.

Contributions to this column are from the Department of English, Faculty of Arts and Humanities

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