5 Tips to Kick Holiday Blues

16 May 2017

Jim Liang, MA Student, Department of English │ ISSUE66 FEBRUARY 2017 MyUM


5 Tips to Kick Holiday Blues

Welcome back, folks. Happy Year of the Rooster! Do you feel exhausted, though? Can’t stop dozing off during lectures? If you feel like that, you may be experiencing post-holiday blues. It’s time to wake up! Here are some useful tips to help you kick your post-holiday blues.


1. Raise questions

The idea of asking questions can actually make us nervous, which can increase heart rate. If you feel sleepy in class, why don’t you raise a question or two? It doesn’t have to be a well-designed one, and don’t worry if you think it may sound silly! Raise a question: it will certainly wake you up.


2. Sit in the front

Interestingly enough, most students choose to sit far away from the teacher. If you don’t want to doze off in class, go sit in the front. You can have more interaction with your teacher. Look at your teacher and raise questions!


3. Drink lemonade

If you feel tired of drinking tea or coffee, it may be a good idea to try some lemonade. Lemons contain vitamins C, which can enhance your brain function. Not exciting enough? Bite into a lemon: it will certainly cheer you up immediately.


4. Arrange a workout routine

If you can hit the gym or do some outdoor sports regularly, say, twice a week, utilisation of oxygen and glucose in your body will be enhanced, which means you won’ t feel tired so easily in daily life.


5. Press the tip of your middle

‘I am sleepy. Can you slap me in the face?’ Indeed, pain can wake you up for a little while. However, when the pain goes away, a tired person will simply feel sleepy again. Some neuroscientists suggest that you should press the tip of your middle fingers, which are very sensitive to pain. Keep pressing that point until you feel awake.


Dozing off:
falling asleep lightly and briefly (for a short period of time); a similar expression is ‘nodding off’.

a word used to describe one’s depressive emotional state.

Tired of:
if you’re tired of something, you’re bored of it; you’re not feeling excited about it.

Hit the gym:
go to the gym to work out.

a simple sugar serving as blood sugar in the human body.

Contributions to this column are from the Department of English, Faculty of Arts and Humanities


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