A Moment of Fleeing

20 Sep 2017

Robin Yu, master’s student from the Department of English│ Issue 68 April My UM

Three ladies in long dresses of vibrant red rose colour stood upright on the stage, each playing on a violin. Their dresses hugged their figures and foregrounded their waistlines as they moved their heads to their music. Their brown, curly hair swayed over their glimmering necks and shoulders, like billowing banners. I realised that the song they were playing was ‘The Moon Represents My Heart’. When the music echoed under the artificial sky, a host of my fellow countrymen and women flooded in. The three ladies, with their eyes focused on their respective violins, sometimes smiled at the crowd, although it felt as if they were doing it in an indirect manner .


I noticed that a Caucasian man dressed in a Middle Age Italian outfit slipped behind the ladies. As the song flowed through the circle, a non-sinitic lady, who wore heavy make-up, started speaking the language of Mongolian or Uyghur, or a language spoken in the far north of China. I also heard a Beijing-accented couple mumbling something, which reminded me of my stay in the capital. Then I took a searching look around me: most people carried their selfie-stick with an iPhone mounted on its end. They were taking pictures of the three ladies’ energetic performance.


I squeezed my way through the crowd, only to find that I was pushed to the façade of either Swatch or Tissot. The glitters emitting from within the store made me blink a few reluctant blinks. After I adjusted my eyes to all the shininess, I saw my reflect ion in the glass. I saw my eyes burning with fire. Suddenly, a voice whispered in my ears, or maybe echoed in my brain, in a matter-of-fact tone, ‘Flee. Flee.’


to foreground: to make more visible or prominent

to sway: to move back and forth, or sideways

to billow: to move like waves

a host of: a group of; many

reluctant: unwilling

Contributions to this column are from the Department of English, Faculty of Arts and Humanities

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