A Debate on Prof. Moeller’s “Genuine Pretending” is published in the Los Angeles Review of Books

23 Sep 2019

Genuine Pretending: On the Philosophy of the Zhuangzi (Columbia University Press, 2017) by Prof. Hans-Georg Moeller, UM, and Prof. Paul J. D’Ambrosio, East China Normal University, presents an innovative and comprehensive reading of the Zhuangzi that highlights the critical and therapeutic functions of satire and humor in this Daoist classic.


Prof. Moeller and Prof. D’Ambrosio engaged in a debate with Prof. David E. Cooper, Professor Emeritus at Durham University. Issues addressed include the role of genuine pretending, sincerity, authenticity and philosophical therapy in the Zhuangzi.


The debate is published in the Los Angeles Review of Books and can be accessed by way of the following link:


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