What is Kant’s position? 康德的立場是什麼?

29 Mar 2017


Kant complained about the reception of the Critique of Pure Reason that he was misunderstood. He suggested that for anyone who had the idea of the whole theory, it was easy to interpret his view. More than two years later the only agreement is that Kant is an important thinker. This paper considers two main possibilities: representationalism, or the view that the subject knows the world through its correct representation, and what is called the Copernican Revolution. Everyone mentions the Copernican Revolution but it is rarely discussed. The paper argues that Kant shows that representationalism is an impossible theory. The reason is that we cannot show that, since we cannot know mind-independent objects, we correctly represent. Since this approach fails, that cannot be Kant’s view. The paper further explains that Kant’s view is a form of the claim that, since we cannot know mind-independent objects, we can rather know objects that we construct. The paper explains what construction means in such circumstances.

Speaker: Thomas Rockmore

Beijing University and Duquesne University

Time: Thursday, March 30th, 14:30-15:45

Venue: E21-1021(L)

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