Marxism and Buddhism: Not so Strange Bedfellows 馬克思主義與佛教:並非不同道者

31 May 2017


馬克思主義與佛教看起來似乎道不同不相爲謀,然而在聲稱對當下生活不滿這一點上兩者卻是相同的。兩者都給出了各自的診斷和創造更好生活的希望。一般來說,佛教更強調倫理:其根本與基礎, 但在政治理論的建樹則稍弱;馬克思主義則是相反,強調了政治理論卻忽視了對倫理的闡述。在這一講座中,我將展示佛教的倫理方面和馬克思的對資本主義的批判是如何互證爲當代的。


Graham Priest (born 1948) is Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at the CUNY Graduate Center, as well as a regular visitor at the University of Melbourne where he was Boyce Gibson Professor of Philosophy and also at the University of St Andrews.

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