2019: Guest Professor, Kyoto University

2015: Guest Professor, Fudan University, Shanghai

2013: Visiting Scholar, UC Berkeley

2013-2015: Research Fellow, SYSU Guangzhou

2011 – 2014: Humboldt Research Fellow, University of Frankfurt

American Philosophical Association

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Philosophie

Karl Jaspers Society of North America

2019: Dao Annual Best Essay Award for the paper “Recognition and Trust: Hegel and Confucius on the Normative Basis of Ethical Life” (co-authored with Alexei Procyshyn)

2018: Excellence in Research Award (FAH, University of Macau)

2014: Zukunftsbrücke Fellowship (Mercator Foundation)

2011: Humboldt Foundation Research Fellowship

2007: Cusanus Fellowship

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