Minor in Translation & Interpreting

Duration: 2-4 years
Medium of Instruction: Chinese & English

From the 2nd semester of academic year 2018/2019 onwards, all FAH minor programmes will require 30 credits. For students who have enrolled before, the total credit requirement remains the same at 18-21 credits.

The application for the Minor in Translation & Interpreting programme is being suspended until further notice.


This Minor programme is open to all students at the University of Macau interested in acquiring a working knowledge of skills in translation between Chinese and English. It aims to develop students’ ability to communicate effectively across languages and cultures.


The programme offers grounding in essentials of translation: understanding the linguistic differences between Chinese and English and basic techniques employed in translation between the two languages.  It also offers a wide variety of courses on translation and interpreting covering different genres and modes of working.  Our faculty is made up of internationally renowned scholars and professionals with years of experience in the field.


Study Plan (for students admitted before 2018/2019)


Graduation Requirements

Obtaining the Translation minor will require the completion of 2 compulsory courses (6 credits) and 8 elective courses (24 credits).  A total of 30 credits are required to obtain the minor.

Entry Requirements

Please refer to the Registry’s website.

Career Prospects

Given the multilingual context of Macao and also the needs of an increasingly globalized workplace, a Minor in Translation and Interpreting gives the an attractive set of skills that would be desirable for most profiles.  Our alumni have consistently found having a minor in translation advantageous in their careers.