CHEUNG, Tak Ching Neky

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Dr. Cheung authored a monograph Women’s Ritual in China: Jiezhu (Receiving Buddhist Prayer Beads) performed by Menopausal Women in Ninghua, Western Fujian (New York: Edwin Mellen, 2008).

Her major research interests are ritual theory, religious and gender studies.

Some of her recent and forthcoming publications:

  • “Receiving Prayer Beads (Jiezhu): A Lay Buddhist Ritual Performed by Menopausal Women in Ninghua, Western Fujian.” In ed. Jan Kiely, J. Brooks Jessup, Recovering Buddhist China in the Twentieth‐Century (New York: Columbia University Press), 2016, Chapter 8, 291‐332.
  • “Women’s Salvation and Collective Order: A Penitential Ritual for Deliverance from the Lake of Blood Performed in Hong Kong,” Journal of Chinese Studies (58: Jan 2014, 287‐314); “Marriage and Family Values,” Religions (2014:6, 18‐24).
  • “A Religious Menopausal Ritual: Changing Body, Identity, and Values,” in ed., Jinhua Jia, Xiaofei Kang, Ping Yao, Gendering Chinese Religion: Subject, Identity, and Body (New York: SUNY Press), 2014, 225‐251.
  • “Marriage and Family Values.” Religions, 2014:6, 18‐24.
  • Book review of Florian C. Reiter, ed., Affiliation and Transmission in Daoism, in Chinese Studies, Center For Chinese Studies. Taipei: National Central Library, vol. 33, no.1 (2015.3), 335‐342.
  • Book review of David A Palmer, Glenn Shive, and Philip L. Wickeri, Chinese Religious Life. In Ching Feng. Hong Kong: Christian Study Centre on Chinese Religion and Culture, 2012, volume 11, number 2, 227‐232.
  • “The Marvelous Scripture of The Great One Who Saves from Suffering and Protects Life]. In Daozang Jiyao (Research Project jointly organized by Centre for Studies of Daoist Culture, CUHK and Research in Humanities, Kyoto University), forthcoming.
  • “Women’s Ritual as a Self‐Gift.” In ed. Angela WC Wong, Weishan Huang, Neky TC Cheung, Women Spiritual Practices and Leadership in Religious Organization, forthcoming.