15 Staff in FAH received Long Service Award

13 Mar 2014

The University of Macau (UM) held the Presentation Ceremony for Long Service Award & Outstanding Performance Award for Administrative Staff on 12 March. 197 staff received the Long Service Award. 37 administrative staff received the Outstanding Administrative Staff Award.
UM Rector Wei Zhao attended the ceremony and thanked the awardees for their contributions to the university. He noted that without the hard work of all the colleagues it would have been impossible to overcome the challenges and complete the new campus project with success. He also expressed his hope that colleagues from different departments could continue to work closely in the future to complete the relocation successfully.
There were 15 colleagues in FAH who were eligible to be awarded for the “Long Service Award” this year.

25 years of serviceFAH-DCHMs Cheong Cheong Mei, Laila
10 years of serviceFAH-DCHDr Cheang Neng Ian
  Prof Gong Gang
 FAH-DENGProf Andrew Jackson Moody
  Prof Christopher Kelen
  Prof Glen Timmermans
  Porf Kim Hughes Wilhelm
  Ms Miho Ando
 FAH-DPTProf Zhang MeiFang
  Ms Ao Sio Heng, Sonia
  Dr Carlos Filipe Guimaraes Figueiredo
  Ms Dalila Carmen De Sousa Araujo
  Dr Mario Rui Lima De Oliveira Pinharanda Nunes
  Ms Paula Cristina Figueiredo De Campos
  Ms Zhang Jing