Department of Portuguese’s 28th Portuguese Language and Culture Summer Programme closes

15 Aug 2014

The 28th Portuguese Language and Culture Summer Programme, organised by our Department of Portuguese, has ended. The closing ceremony was held at UM’s Cultural Centre on the old campus.
Approximately 350 students from different Asian countries and regions, including Macao, mainland China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia, participated in the programme. During the one-month programme, the participants had the opportunity to learn the Portuguese language and culture and experience Macao’s culture.
At the closing ceremony, the participants sang Portuguese songs, performed Portuguese folk dances, and recited Portuguese poems. They said that the summer programme increased their understanding of the Portuguese language and countries as well as made them more confident to speak Portuguese.
Department of Portuguese holds the Portuguese Language and Culture Summer Programme between July and August every year. The courses are divided into 12 sections at four levels: Beginners’ Level, Basic Level, Intermediate Level, and Advanced Level. Apart from regular classes and practices, the programme also includes colourful cultural and recreational activities, such as visits, seminars, movies, drawing lessons and Portuguese folk dances.

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