Dean Jin gives a talk on “Pushed Output in Second Language Acquisition”

16 Mar 2017


In second language acquisition field, it has long been proved that though necessary, input alone is insufficient to fully develop language ability. Prof Hong Gang Jin’s third pedagogy workshop thus focused on another crucial element, namely pushed output in language instruction. With solid theoretical foundations, including Levelt’s model of language production, Swain’s output hypothesis, and Anderson’s learning theory, she argued an important role of pushed output in second language acquisition and instruction in the first half of the workshop. According to her, there are at least three functions of pushed output. The first one is to help students notice the holes and gaps in their L2 production. The second is that pushed output serves to test hypotheses. Last but not least, pushed output enhances students’ metalinguistic awareness. During the second half of the workshop, she drew more attention to the implementation of pushed output, and used examples to explain how to successfully apply five principles in the L2 classroom.