Dunhuang scholar sharing insight into Ancient Chinese material culture in elite tombs and Buddhist caves

13 Mar 2017


The 3rd FAH Bentobox Lecture was presented by Dr. Chin-Yin TSENG of the Dunhuang Academy on March 9. The guest speaker shared her insightful findings in a recent study on an elite tomb (dating back from the Northern Wei Period) and a Dunhuang Buddhist cave in her lecture entitled “Storytelling spaces: The study of Ancient Chinese construct of material cultural expressions”. Dr. Tseng demonstrated that visual representations in religious and funerary setting could and should be treated as a comprehensive narrative of the space itself. The lecture was followed by a brief commentary by an FAH colleague Prof. Victoria Harrison (of the Philosophy and Religious Studies Program), who suggested that the analytical framework presented in the lecture could easily be extended to other public and private space in the contemporary world.

The lecture attracted an audience beyond the FAH colleagues and students. Several RC and FSS colleagues (from the History Department) made further comments and observations in the Q&A session, which culminated in an interesting and stimulating conversation related to culture, history, and religion.

The next FAH Bentobox Lecture will be held on April 12.