FAH Spring Staff Professional Development Workshop

4 May 2017


The FAH Spring Professional Development Workshop, ‘Tools and Pedagogy’, was held on 4 May. Three CTLE Academic Advisors were invited to come and share with FAH members their experience of incorporating different types of technology in their pedagogical practices, all of which were translatable for FAH pedagogical needs and foci.

Alexandr Svetlicinii from FLL spoke about the perks and challenges of team-teaching, as well as potential benefits of collecting footage of classroom interaction. Miguel Costa Jr. from FST involved all participants in trying out different questions using PollEverywhere; he also shared a few tips of increasing and maintaining student engagement, both in class and after class. Michael Li from FED introduced ZOOM to the audience and showed us real-life examples of how ZOOM could help provide a different platform of teaching.

FAH is grateful for the three speakers’ interesting ideas, which no doubt would find their way into different courses and pedagogies. For more information, please visit https://ctle.umac.mo/resources/