The 2nd FAH Bentobox Lecture Series – Portuguese classrooms and silent Chinese students in Macau and da-dao ‘overthrow’ in Chinese used in HK

13 Feb 2017

There were two lectures in our FAH Lectures Series on 9th February 2017 – one by Professor Roberval Teixeira e Silva and the other Professor Kam-yiu S. Pang.

Professor Teixeira e Silva discussed the functions of being silent among Chinese students in the Portuguese classes and why they were significant. Particularly, Professor Teixeira e Silva studied Chinese students learning at school with a Chinese teacher and also Chinese students with a Western teacher. He argued that the silent aspects of Chinese students were built on the cultural and local negotiation between a teacher and students.

Professor Pang examined from a cognitive linguistic perspective the Chinese da-dao ‘overthrow’ as it is used in Hong Kong now. Professor Pang took it to be a constructional idiom that reflects underlying idealized cognitive model. He also argued that the meanings of the expression were between “change” as “progress” and “change as inconsistency”.

Anticipating our Series in March, we will, on the 9th, be receiving a guest speaker who is a scholar on the study of Dunhuang, which will certainly be a reflection of our interests in diversified academic disciplines.