Faculty of Arts and Humanities hosts a Workshop on ‘Learning Strategies’

30 Aug 2018

The Faculty of Arts and Humanities (FAH) hosted a workshop on ‘Learning Strategies’ for FAH undergraduate students on 29th August, 2018. FAH professors introduced to students effective learning strategies and ways to improve their English, followed by a sharing session by upper-year students who achieved academic excellence.

Associate Dean Prof. Antony Kunnan gave student learning advices 副院長Antony Kunnan教授引導學生們的學習方向

Associate Dean Professor Antony Kunnan gave the opening remarks,, emphasizing the importance of a positive attitude and time management.  Professor Chiu Man Yin, BA Programme Coordinator of the Department of English, led the session “General advice for students of the Humanities”. Professor Chiu advised students to check UM emails frequently, prepare for classes, form study groups, not to commit plagiarism and not to miss class. Ms. Teresa Lam of the English Language Centre (ELC) led the session “How to make the most of the learning opportunities offered at UM”. Ms. Lam discussed with students effective ways to improve English and introduced learning resources and services provided by ELC, such as Talk Time, the Writing Centre (EWCC), and the English Festival.



Finally, Assistant Dean Professor Victoria Lei hosted the student sharing session with 7 high-achieving student from the four BA programmes offered by FAH. The students shared their learning strategies and experience at UM, as well as providing tips for choosing courses wisely. They urged the freshmen to follow their hearts as they choose, as based on their own experience, intellectual interest in the subject is the ultimate motivation for learning.