FAH Career Day invites alumni to share their stories about learning and career with over 100 teachers and students

20 Oct 2018

The Faculty of Arts and Humanities (FAH), University of Macau held the FAH Alumni Reception – Career Day today (October 20th) and invited 17 alumni to share and talk about their professional development, career path and personal experiences.

The Acting Dean of FAH, Professor Victoria Harrison delivered an opening speech to extend the faculty’s welcome to the alumni and appreciate their commitment for spending time to share their stories and thoughts with current students. The Assistant Dean, Professor Victoria Lei moderated the reception and introduced the 4 panel discussions.

The event was consisted of 4 panels, namely public service and community, translation/interpreting and language service, education, and lastly, media and enterprise, where alumni shared their personal stories and perspectives. The 17 alumni graduated from different classes of years, and are currently working in different fields of expertise, such as reporters and editors in local media, interpreters in public units and private companies, educators in local schools and higher education institutions and also enterprise founders and managers. Speaking from their own experiences, 17 invited speakers shared their thoughts on studies and careers unreservedly. The reception was not only a reunion of alumni but also a window for current students to get first-hand knowledge in their future professional life. Participants included not only potential graduates, but also students at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The workshop had gained positive feedback from the student audience who described it as pragmatic and truly helpful, and that they had benefited a lot from the direct communication with practitioners of their specialty which were extremely inspiring and encouraging.

Full version of the panel sessions will be released soon, please stay tuned for more details.