FAH holds retreat to welcome new members of the family

21 Aug 2017

The Faculty of Arts and Humanities (FAH) holds a development retreat with its academic and administrative staff on August 18th 2017 outside campus to offer faculty members a pre-semester workshop and prepare them for the new semester. The workshop includes a talk by Rector Zhao Wei, a lecture by the new Chair Professor Chen Zhi and finally a sharing session by the new FAH staff members.

Entitled “The Purpose of Higher Education”, Rector Zhao gave an opening speech on a preview of the world’s situation of the 21st century and the challenges university student face, which led to a discussion of the role that contemporary higher education institutions take in facilitating its graduates in such critical conditions. Rector’s speech is followed by a group discussion among the audience moderated by Associate Dean Professor Anthony Kunnan. Working in groups of 8-10, members discuss the purpose of UM and specifically how FAH can help students in self-discovery which enables them to find an interest for either their study, research or the prospective work life.

The faculty also welcomed a new member, Chair Professor Chen Zhi of the Department of Chinese Language and Literature. His research interest lies in the areas of Chinese classics, bronze inscriptions, and ancient history, etc. Prof. Chen gave a lecture on “Xiaoyao and shuyi: special uses of alliterative and rhyming binomes in the transmitted and excavated documents” to share his recent research. Reverberation were felt by cross-department professors and instructors in Prof. Chen’s presentation on binomes (bi-syllabic compound) in a heated Q & A session where questions relate to the lecture were raised in fields involving Chinese literature, linguistics, phonetics, and even philosophy. Such a sparkle in academia is commended by Professor Hong Gang Jin, Dean of FAH, where she commented the discussion as “the beauty of humanities in which people join together to discuss humanities in archeology, anthropology, literature, philosophy and so on”.

This year 7 academic staff joined FAH and shared their background and research interests in the Retreat, Dean Jin extended the faculty’s warmest welcome and expressed expectations in building a community-oriented culture inside the faculty for the coming academic year.

Rector Zhao’s opening speech on “The Purpose of Higher education”

Chair Professor Chen Zhi shared his recent research

Heated discussion by FAH members