FAH holds training workshops on eye-tracking technology

28 Sep 2018

From 24th to 27th September, FAH held a series of eye-tracking lectures and workshops. The guest speaker, Prof. Liu Nina is from a very prestigious eye-tracking team in Tianjin Normal University and she has done dozens of researches using eye-trackers. These workshops provided a basic knowledge of eye tracking device and variety of empirical studies, which helped audience to open up new ways of doing research.

These workshops attracted more than 45 participants, including internal and external faculty members and graduate students majoring in Second Language Acquisition, Translations as well as Chinese Linguistic.

On the first lecture, Prof. Liu started this eye-tracker journey with an introduction of the development and applications of this device. The most exciting part for the audience is to practice the eye-tracker—Eyelinker on their owns. The second lecture on 27th September provided further details on the eye-tracking device, which include eye-tracker indices, program coding as well as statistical analyses.

Today is the era of brain, so we linguistic researchers should make full use of technology to go further to the cognitive processing. Therefore, eye-tracking is no doubt something we need. By adding an empirical basis to such interventions and techniques, the learning process can be continually refined, as new ideas can be tested against current practices.