FAH hosts Summer English Camp for Sacred Heart Canossian College

6 Jul 2018

Dean Jin welcomed the SHCCES group

19 students (F4-F5) from Sacred Heart Canossian College English Section (SHCCES), accompanied by their teachers, spent two days on UM campus on 25-26 June, 2018. During their stay, the students were immersed in a series of activities led by Ms. Miranda Ma (FAH-ELC) and Ms. Meghana Nerurkar (FAH-ELC).

Day one started with a 2-hour workshop, ‘Speaking with power”, during which the students experienced creating a message and writing, a speech. The students focused on developing the techniques to inspire an audience, such as expressing emotion and connecting life lessons to their personal experiences.

On day two, all students were invited to pay a visit to the Wu Yee Sun Library, the largest library in Macau. The group were introduced a brand new way of learning and acquiring information for research and study during the tour. The Summer English Camp concluded with another session with Ms. Ma in which she guided students to practice their speech delivery skills. Through the practice activities, students learned about the importance of both verbal language and body language. It is hoped that students bring home the skills to express themselves more creatively and effectively.

Ms. Ma conducting the workshop “Speaking with power”