FAH students perform poem recitations in multiple languages on local TV show

4 Dec 2017

Three students from the Faculty of Arts and Humanities (FAH) recently participated in the programme Listen of Macau Lotus TV to display the beauty of literature and the special quality of the multi-cultures in Macao through poem recitations in English, Portuguese and Japanese. The show was broadcasted on November 18 and is available online.

Listen is a large cultural TV programme that aims to present to the audience a poetic and cantabile Macao through sound. The show invites youngsters and people from all walks of life. The show demonstrates Macao’s multi-culturalism through various art forms which include recitation, poems, music, fine art, dancing, film and videos.

In the performance section of the University of Macau, the prologue started with a piece of melodious flute accompaniment by Law student Ng Teng Fong and the poem recitation by Choi Peng Nga, a student of English Studies. She recited Walt Whitman’s ‘Oh! Me! Oh! Life’. It was then followed by Fong Lai I, a master student of Second Language Acquisition in Portuguese, who delivered an excerpt of ‘A Felicidade Exige Valentia’ (Happiness Requires Courage) by renowned Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa. The performance was concluded by Japanese Studies major Ho Ka Ian’s delivery of a poem named ‘いきる’ (Living), written by famous contemporary Japanese poet Tanikawa Shuntarou. The performance of our students was a manifestation of the beauty of poem and literature. It is also a vivid example of the special features of Macao as a multi-cultural society.

FAH student Ho Ka Ian, Fong Lai I, Choi Peng Nga (from left to right)

Professor Honggang Jin, Dean of FAH, said on the show that the ultimate goal for university education is to help students know themselves. She herself is fascinated by languages since childhood and has been persistent in pursuing her dream of learning foreign languages even when she was constantly discouraged by other people. Throughout her years teaching in higher education institutions, what makes her so proud is to see students who are driven by their hobbies, thrive to explore and seize their dreams, and finally become aspiring, goal-oriented and socially responsible.

Professor Honggang Jin speaks on the show