international conference on memorialist discourse and building of history 自傳文本及歷史構建國際研討會

26 Oct 2016


The University of Macau’s (UM) Department of Portuguese and Research Centre for Luso-Asian Studies (CIELA) will hold the International Conference on ‘Memorialist Discourses and the Building of History (Africa and Macau)’ from 25 October to 28 October. The conference will be focused on theoretical and epistemological questions related to memoirs, perceived as ‘sites of nation building’, of the political actors taking part in historical processes in Macao and in African Portuguese-speaking countries (during the colonial era and post-independence period).

Conference participants will discuss methodologies involved in the analysis of written memoirs (biographies, autobiographies, interviews, and notes) of political, social, and cultural actors, and examine how such memoirs work as (different) ‘sites of memory’. Particular relevance will be given to the ‘unusual place’ Macao occupies on the borders of the Portuguese-speaking countries, as well as to its political actors and memorialist writings, in order to map the production of ‘memory locations’.

The conference will also cover postcolonial topics related to cultural and literary interconnections within the Portuguese-speaking world, namely in Macao andAfrica, such as memory and identity issues, historiographic discourse and official history, public and collective memoirs, and national ideology and writing the self.

Lectures to be delivered at the conference include‘Memory, History and Fiction: The Meaning of Autobiographies’, by Prof LourençoRosário from the Polytechnic University of Mozambique; ‘Africa and the Africans: Paths of Brazilian Identity’, by Prof ValdemirZamparoni from the Federal University of Bahia; ‘Representing Macau in Portuguese Literature’, by ProfMárioLugarinhofrom the University of São Paulo; and ‘The Pioneer Role of Macau in the Cultural Sino-Western Relations: the First Museum (1829-34) and the English Library in China (1806-1834)’, by ProfRogérioPugafrom Nova University of Lisbon.

All the sessions will take place in Room G015, Building E22. The opening ceremony will be held on 26 October (Wednesday), at 9:00am. For more information about the event, please visit, or contact ProfInocência Mata at, or Prof GonçaloCordeiro at



研討會主題演講包括:莫桑比克理工大學Lourenco Rosário教授的「記憶、歷史和小說:自傳的意義」、巴伊亞聯邦大學Valdemir Zamparoni教授的「非洲及非洲人:巴西認同感的道路」、聖保羅大學Mário Lugarinho教授「在葡語文學代表澳門」以及新里斯本大學Rogério Puga教授的「澳門在中西文化關係中的先驅角色:第一所博物館(一八二九-三四)和中國英語圖書館(一八0六-一八三四)」。

「自傳文本及歷史構建(非洲與澳門)」國際研討會將於澳大E二二大樓G0一五室一連三日以葡語進行,開幕禮將在本月二十六日早上九時舉行。詳情可瀏覽或聯絡Inocência Mata教授(電郵或Goncalo Cordeiro教授(電郵。

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