New publication by Prof. Kim Hughes Wilhelm

4 May 2015

KHWilhelm_cover_Journey Within 2014

The Faculty of Arts and Humanities is happy to announce the publication of a new book by Professor Kim Hughes Wilhelm, Associate Professor in the Department of English. Written under the name Kim Hughes, her book, The Journey Within: Extraordinary conversations with uncommon people (Lexingford Publishing, New York/Hong Kong/London), focuses on semi-structured interviews with meditation practitioners. Professor Kim Hughes Wilhelm started this project as someone interested in peace studies, spirituality, philosophy and the role meditation could take in promoting fellowship, harmony and world peace initiatives.

Based on an ethnographic research approach, sixteen practitioners of Sahaj Marg (The Natural Path) are highlighted in the book. They reflect upon their meditation practice, the changes that have taken place, and their personal “journeys within.” Three to four people are interviewed for each section of the book: Getting Started, Lifestyle Changes, Master and the Spiritual World, Living in the Heart, and Hope for the Future. Semi-structure interviews with over 30 informants began in 2012 and the book was published in December of 2014.

The target audience for The Journey Within is anyone questioning today’s focus on materialism. Basic principles such as when and how to meditate are covered as well as esoteric concepts such as the difference between religion and spirituality. In these extraordinary conversations, you will hear the interviewees’ hopes and dreams for a brighter future for humankind, one based on tolerance and love.

Review by Dr Elizabeth J. Denley, Sydney, Australia
on December 24, 2014 Amazon, U.S.A.

‘The Journey Within’ is a series of interviews with people who have chosen an evolutionary path through the spiritual practice of meditation. They are ordinary people from all backgrounds and walks of life, who are part of something extraordinary. They share a common willingness to meditate, pray and purify their hearts every day, as a normal part of their daily routine, along with family life and work. They try to live simply by the heart, in tune with Nature. In all this they are aided by transmission or pranahuti.

Kim Hughes’ inspiring book has come at a time when humanity is at a turning point in its history. The turmoil is evident by watching any news channel anywhere in the world. Yet out of the mud the lotus flower is emerging – there is an ever-growing consciousness among people all over the planet to become something better. ‘The Journey Within’ provides many insights into what each of us can do to bring about our own personal change, as well as the much-needed change for humanity that will steer us towards a bright future.