Three English teachers receive ELTons nominations

20 Apr 2016


Averil Bolster, Peter Levrai, and Jay Bidal, three senior instructors from the English Language Centre, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, University of Macau (UM), have been shortlisted as finalists for the prestigious ELTons Award 2016 by the British Council.

Bolster and Levrai have been nominated in the ‘Innovation in Learner Resources’ category for their book Academic Presenting and Presentations, while Bidal has been shortlisted in the ‘Digital Innovation’ category as a co-author of the e-textbook Connections.

‘English language teaching (ELT) remains in high demand throughout the world, and the United Kingdom is a leader in responding to this demand, through innovative approaches to direct and online learning support, and through high quality research and publications which support innovations in English language learning and teaching,’ said Anna Searle, director of English language at the British Council. ‘These awards are a great way to support and showcase the creativity in the sector, and to help to bring new ideas to the wider ELT community. The award ceremony proves to be a fantastic event, where ELT authors, publishers, and practitioners from around the world can find out more about new innovations and celebrate new ideas that will shape English language teaching in the years to come.’

The ELTons, run by the British Council and sponsored by Cambridge English Language Assessment and Macmillan Education, are the only international awards that recognise and celebrate innovation in ELT. The awards reward educational resources that help English language learners and teachers to achieve their goals.

ELT professionals can apply in five categories: Excellence in Course Innovation, Innovation in Learner Resources, Innovation in Teacher Resources, Digital Innovation, and Local Innovation, as well as the Macmillan Education Award for New Talent in Writing.

Winners in each of the categories will be announced at a ceremony to be held in London in June 2016.

澳門大學人文學院英語中心三位高級講師Averil Bolster、Peter Levrai和Jay Bidal最近獲提名英國文化協會2016年ELTons英語教學創新大獎。


英國文化協會英語語言部門主管Anna Searle表示,全世界對英語語言教學的需求持續增長,英國率先響應這種趨勢,通過創新英語語言學習的支援方式以及高水平的研究和出版物,推動英語教學的改革。Anna Searle強調,ELTons英語教學創新大獎旨在展示和推廣英語教學領域的種種創新。頒獎典禮將是英語教學領域的一大盛事,屆時來自世界各地的作家、出版商以及英語教學人員將出席典禮,互相交流經驗心得,共同探討如何進一步推動英語教學的發展。

ELTons英語教學創新大獎由British Council舉辦,是全世界唯一一個獎勵英語教學創新的獎項。該獎共分為五大類:課程創新獎、學生資源創新獎、教師資源創新獎、數碼科技創新獎以及本地創新獎。此外,還設有寫作新秀Macmillan教育獎。



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