Full-house at the BBT — Cast, Crew and Audience shared Fun and Thoughts at ‘The Three Ladies of Macao’

21 Mar 2017


Following two evenings of full-house last December, The Three Ladies of Macao (3LM) attracted yet another full-house at the BBT last Saturday at the 6th Macau Literary Festival. This third performance of the play welcomed to the cast five new members who played Conscience, Kiki, Herbal Tea Seller, Court Clerk and Judge Justo.

3LM, inspired by Robert Wilson’s allegorical play, The Three Ladies of London, is an original allegorical English play written by Prof. Katrine Wong (FAH) and 5 students and directed by Katrine. The crew and the audience shared 100 minutes of love and lust, lies and hope, hurt and heal. Among the discerning audience whose participation created many metatheatrical moments were Prof. David Pong (Master of Choi Kai Yau College), Prof. Matthew Liu (Head of General Education Programme), Prof. Agnes Lam (Assistant Dean of FSS), Prof. Li Defeng (Director of Centre for Study of Translation-Interpreting and Cognition) and Miranda Ma (CTLE Academic Advisor).

The 12-strong multi-cultural cast – staff, students and alumni of UM – presented close to 20 roles. Through fusing research with creativity, the creation and staging of 3LM hope to raise the awareness of Macao’s multicultural character, promote Macao’s unique socio-cultural legacy and development and foster an environment of campus-wide collaboration among staff and students.

The director would like to thank each and every lovely soul involved in the creation and production of 3LM. The whole team would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to photographer Prof. Spencer Benson (DCTLE), filmer Lio Si Weng (English Studies major), Prof. Keith Appler (FAH) whose custom-built sliding door stays an important part of our set, a group of amazing stagehands, and the SAO, without any of their contribution the evening would not have been possible. We are grateful for R&DAO’s funding. A big Thank-You to everyone who spent time with us; you gave us an unforgettable evening.