Portuguese Language Manual authored by Ms. Sara Santos launched in Portugal

29 May 2015

We are pleased to announce that Ms. Sara Santos, a lecturer from the Department of Portuguese, has had her Portuguese Language Manual entitled “Falar Pelos Cotovelos” published in Portugal by LIDEL, a renowned Portuguese publisher, and is now available for anyone interested at



Falar pelos Cotovelos consists of seven thematic units which include varied authentic documents in video and audio format, providing for better understanding of the information and acquisition of the language. All these documents are introduced by an interaction (often supported by pictures) which is designed to arouse interest and motivation for a particular topic and, in some cases, assists the presentation of the vocabulary used in the texts. The proposed tasks and activities are designed to develop comprehension and oral production skills. The aim is for learners to develop their communication and intercultural skills in a creative and innovative way. The documents have been carefully selected taking into account their thematic relevance and timeliness. Contact with the linguistic and cultural diversity of the various Portuguese-speaking countries is also a constant feature of this resource. Some videos feature cultural realities and codes that may be foreign to learners of Portuguese as a foreign language. For this reason the tasks suggested in this resource seek to facilitate comprehension and mastery of these codes in a natural and interactive way. The transcripts of all the documents offer the possibility of more independent learning.