Portuguese writer Rui Zink gives lecture at FAH
葡語作家Rui Zink澳大人文學院開講

8 Apr 2016


Rui Zink, a renowned Portuguese writer, recently gave a lecture titled ‘A Bug in Writing’ at the University of Macau (UM), at the invitation of Faculty of Arts and Humanities’ Department of Portuguese. The event attracted more than 80 faculty members and students from the department.

During the lecture, Zink discussed the importance of being observant and diligent in the creative process and pointed out that hard work is more important than inspiration in writing.

Named after Zink’s famous satirical short story O Bicho da Escrita, the lecture aimed to develop students’ skills and interest in writing and promote the development of Portuguese language education. The students in the audience showed great interest in Zink’s lecture and were happy to have this opportunity to learn more about Portuguese culture, literature, and language.

Rui Zink is a professor at the New University of Lisbon. He is also a writer and translator with more than 30 publications. In 2001, he wrote the first Portuguese online novel, Os Surfistas, with the input of e-readers. One of his famous works is a tetralogy about the crisis, comprising O Destino Turístico (2008), A Instalação do Medo (2012), A Metametamorfose e Outras Fermosas Morfoses (2014) and the short novel OssO (2015). He was a visiting scholar at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, a faculty member at the University of Michigan, and a resident writer at Middlebury College, Vermont, USA.​

為推動葡語發展及提升學生的葡語能力,澳門大學人文學院葡文系日前邀請葡國里斯本新大學教授、知名葡語作家Rui Zink舉行講座,就寫作分享了其獨特見解。Zink指出,在創作的過程中要有敏銳的觀察力,而寫作上努力比靈感更加重要。講座吸引超過眾多葡文系老師及學生參加。

Rui Zink現時於里斯本新大學任教,他同時活躍於葡語文壇,已出版超過30本著作。