Renowned Portuguese language writers give lecture and workshop at UM

21 Mar 2016

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The University of Macau (UM) Department of Portuguese, in collaboration with the organiser of The Script Road – Macau Literary Festival, invited four renowned Portuguese language writers to give a lecture to 80 students from the Bachelor of Arts in Portuguese Studies programme and master’s programmes.

At the lecture, the four writers, namely Rui Zink from Portugal, Luís Patraquim from Mozambique, Paulo Franchetti from Brazil, and Luís Ruffato from Brazil discussed various topics, including travelling, the relationship between reading and writing, the difference between poetry and prose, their particular ways of writing, and the importance of literature in today’s world. They also answered incisive questions from the students during the question and answer session .

The department also invited another Portuguese writer, Ricardo Adolfo, to give a creative writing workshop on a separate day, which was attended by students from the Department of Portuguese’s bachelor’s programme. Students were asked to write creative texts based on the images presented by the writer, and Adolfo was very impressed by the students’ writing.

These activities aimed to improve the students’ proficiency in the Portuguese language and to stimulate their interest in writing.


講座上,四位知名葡語作家,包括來自葡萄牙的Rui Zink、來自莫桑比克的Luís Patraquim以及來自巴西的Paulo Franchetti和Luís Ruffato,就旅行、閱讀和寫作的關係、散文和詩歌的分別、各自不同的寫作方式以及文學在當今社會的重要性等話題分享了其精闢見解。約80名葡文系學生參加了講座。

此外,葡文系還邀請另一位葡語作家Ricardo Adolfo為葡文系學生舉辦了一場創意寫作工作坊。

The creative writing workshop
The creative writing workshop 創意寫作工作坊
UM students meet with renowned Portuguese language writers
UM students meet with renowned Portuguese language writers 澳大學生與葡語作家交流