UM, Beijing Foreign Studies University co-organise China’s first inter-varsity competition in Chinese-Portuguese translation

31 Oct 2019

An award ceremony for winners of China’s first inter-varsity competition in Chinese-Portuguese translation was held today (30 October) at the University of Macau (UM). Co-organised by UM and Beijing Foreign Studies University, the competition aimed to provide a platform for students of Portuguese studies from Chinese universities to put their translation skills into practice and to identify outstanding student translators.

UM holds China’s first inter-varsity competition in Chinese-Portuguese translation

The event received 70 submissions from 22 universities in mainland China and Macao. After an anonymous evaluation process, 30 students were selected to enter the final. Judges on the evaluation panel agreed unanimously that the quality of the contestants’ works exceeded their expectations. There were two categories in the competition: Chinese-to-Portuguese translation and Portuguese-to-Chinese translation. During the final, the contestants were required to complete translation tasks within a designated period of time without using the internet or consulting reference materials.

Winners in the Portuguese-to-Chinese category

Yao Jingming, head of the UM’s Department of Portuguese, and Ye Zhiliang, a professor from BFSU’s Department of Spanish and Portuguese, served as the president of the evaluation panels for the Portuguese-to-Chinese category and the Chinese-to-Portuguese category, respectively.

Winners in the Chinese-to-Portuguese category

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