UM Professor Yao Jingming Won the “Chang Yao Poetry Writing Prize” 澳門大學葡文系主任姚京明榮獲“昌耀詩歌獎”

26 Oct 2016


Yao Jingming, also known by his pen-name, Yao Feng, the Head of the Department of Portuguese, University of Macau, won the “poetry-writing prize” of the inaugural “Chang Yao Poetry Awards” on 23 October. The Awards, launched this year in memory of the poet Chang Yao, are presented biannually to promote a sense of localness, originality and integrity in Chinese poetry writing. These include three prizes in “Poetry Writing”, one in “Poetry Criticism”, and one in “Special Commendation”.

Chang Yao (1936 – 2000), in whose name the awards are given, was one of the most prominent contemporary Chinese poets and he spent most of his lives in Qinghai. His poetry was reflexive, magnificent,  romantic and influential in contemporary Chinese writing.

首屆“昌耀詩歌獎”于10月23日揭曉,澳門大學葡文系主任姚京明(筆名姚風)獲得“詩歌創作獎”。“昌耀詩歌獎” 是以昌耀的名字於今年設立的詩歌獎,以倡導漢語詩歌的本土氣質、原創精神、獨立品格為基本原則,每兩年評選一次,共設立“昌耀詩歌獎詩歌創作獎”3名,昌耀詩歌獎理論批評獎”1名,“昌耀詩歌獎特別榮譽獎”1名。