Event recap: 2017 Round-table Seminar: Cognition and SLA in the New Era

6 Nov 2017

2017 Round-table Seminar: Cognition and SLA in the New Era was held on Nov. 3-4 at Faculty of Arts and Humanities (FAH). Scholars of first and second language acquisition from Macau, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Mainland China and the United States gathered to share research findings on current cognitive studies, and discussed collaborative research projects.
Two keynote speakers, Prof. Keiko Koda from Carnegie Mellon University, and Prof. Hongyin Tao from University of California (Los Angeles) delivered keynotes speeches on cross-linguistic influence on second language reading development and corpus- based Chinese acquisition respectively. Additionally, participatory scholars shared their empirical research findings on processing foreign languages at phonological, lexical, syntactical levels with the usage of modern technology, such as digital pen, eye-trackers, Event-Related Potentials. Moderated by Prof. Honggang Jin, Dean of FAH, scholars discussed future projects and collaborations, including language teacher training, research methodology workshops, and research projects with data from foreign language speakers in Macao etc.