SHCC’s Visit to UM for a Joint Lesson on Public Speaking

28 Feb 2018

On February 8, 2018, ELC Senior Instructors Miranda Ma and Alice Lee invited a Form Six class from Sacred Heart Canossian College (English Section) to UM for a joint lesson on English public speaking skills. Class advisor of the SHCC students, Ms. Carmen Lei, brought her class of 42 students to join Miranda’s EELC120 and Alice’s EELC130. The lesson started with two groups of SHCC students giving their presentations on the topic “volunteer teaching in Gui Zhou.”  The two UM classes were very impressed with the fluency, confidence, and ideas of the SHCC students. Following the two SHCC group presentations, two students from Miranda’s EELC120 class took the stage and gave their inspirational speeches. The first speech was delivered by Houyi Sun and it was about the importance of not trying to defeat others and focusing on oneself. The second speaker Anne Sui shared her experience of taking the Chinese Gao Kao and getting into UM. She encouraged the SHCC students to believe that good arrangements will be made as long as they work hard. Ms. Lei and the SHCC students felt energized and inspired by the two speakers. Both the UM students and SHCC students enjoyed demonstrating their speaking ability and sharing feedback with each other. To finish the visit, Miranda took the SHCC students to FAH for a short tour.