Will Machines Take Over the Jobs of Translators? – The third Bentobox Lecture of 2017/2018

10 Nov 2017

The third and final of the Bentobox lecture series for Autumn 2017 was held on Thursday 9 November. Professor Hari Venkatesan presented a paper titled: “Teaching Translation in the age of Neural Machine Translation.”

In his own words, the paper considered translation teaching in an age where MT+ minimal post-editing can easily achieve sufficient quality for disposable information.  It discussed how recent advances have further tilted the balance towards total replacement of human translators and the possible ways in which translator training could adapt to remain relevant.

Venkatesan’s exposition of recent advances in machine translation was eye-opening, especially as the audience was not able to identify which in a series of 5 translations was actually done by a machine. Venkatesan presented a pedagogical approach which utilises recent advances and integrates them into a systematic method for teaching the translation of disposable, non-literary, information at university level.

The regularly scheduled sessions of Bentobox for the Autumn Semester of 2017 are over. Thanks for all your support. Next semester we have an interesting schedule lined up, with talks in January, March and April, and the possibility of a few outside speakers contributing. We look forward to seeing you there.