Call for application of one semester exchange to Southern Iliinois University Carbondale, USA, for the 2nd semester 2015/2016

8 Sep 2015

This exchange is opened to students studying in the undergraduate programmes, Communication of FSS and English Studies of FAH in their 3rd year (the exchange period will be 2nd semester of 3rd year).


Interested candidate should submit the following documents to Office of Department of English in room E21-4068 (students majoring in English Studies) or Office of Department of Communication in room E21-2041 (students majoring in Communication) by 18 Septemebr 2015.


  • Application Form: FAH form (SIUC_Application_Form)
  • For the exchange period on the form, please write “2nd semester 2015/2016”
  • Statement of purpose
  • CV
  • Academic record (since year 1)
  • Learning Agreement (do not need to obtain approval at the application stage, but need to complete it and show us your tentative plan first)
  • TOEFL certificate (optional for application, but will be needed by partner institute after you are selected)


There will be a written examination and a face-to-face interview for applicants. The selection of candidates will be based on GPA, faculty recommendations, and proficiency in English. Detailed schedule and information of the examination and interview will be announced in due course.


More information about SIUC is available in the following pages



Please note that all selected students have to apply for visas by themselves.

Should you have any query about this exchange programme, please contact the following offices according to your major:


Department of English

Location: E21-4068

Tel: 8822 8201



Department of Communication

Location: E21-2041

Tel: 8822 8961