FAH Slogan Competition

7 Oct 2016

Objective 目的

To create a short and memorable phrase used in promoting the Faculty and the humanities.



Eligibility 參賽資格

FAH staff and students



Entry Requirement 作品規則

  • The slogan must be written in both Chinese and English;
  • The slogan should be concise and appealing;
  • Entries must be of original source;
  • Entries that have been awarded in other competitions will not be accepted;
  • Each candidate may submit up to 3 entries.
  • 標語須同時提交中文及英文版本;
  • 標語應簡短而吸引 ;
  • 作品必須為原創;
  • 在其他比賽曾獲獎的作品將不獲接納;
  • 每位參賽者可遞交最多三份作品;


Submission of Entry 收件方式

All entries should be submitted via the online submission platform.




Application Deadline 截止日期

20th October, 2016

Late application will not be accepted, and is determined by the submission receiving time.



Awards 獎項

  • First Prize (1 award): supermarket coupon of value MOP400
  • Second Prize (1 award): supermarket coupon of value MOP250
  • Third Prize (1 award): supermarket coupon of value MOP100
  • 第一名(1名): 面值澳門幣400元之超巿禮券
  • 第二名(1名): 面值澳門幣250元之超巿禮券
  • 第三名(1名): 面值澳門幣100元之超巿禮券


Regulations 章程

English version



Enquiries 查詢

Tel 電話: +853 8822 4042

Email 電郵: cyrusleung@um.edu.mo