Critical Theory and the Way: A Symposium on Kantian Paradigms and Prospects in East Asia


9 - 10 May 2014


HG01, Ho Yin Convention Centre


This conference aims to bring together a group of mostly Western born and trained philosophers who share a common situation in teaching and professing philosophy in East Asia. Hong Kong – Macao forms a central axis, and a good half of the participants live in this vicinity. By convening this conference, the University of Macau can take the lead in shaping philosophical research and the dissemination of a philosophical ethos in our region. In Macao, Prof. Mario Wenning and Dr. Alexei Procyschyn of our Philosophy Programme work in the line of Critical Theory, which is one of the most fertile directions in which Kant’s critical philosophy was developed in the twentieth century. It is intended to invite further members of our Programme, particularly Prof. Weigang Chen and Prof. Nevia Dolcini, to participate based on their related interests respectively in Max Weber’s interpretation of religion and in cognitivism as a contemporary transform of a Kantian paradigm. The conference will serve to showcase our program and focus attention on its emerging potential.


All are welcome




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