Nature Time Responsibility


12 - 14 Apr 2013


The Humboldt-Kolleg will examine the relationships among the three concepts figuring in its title. This investigation is important and timely because humanity’s causal and moral responsibilities to nature and to distant times increase with our extended powers to affect both as well as with our extended knowledge about these effects. Irreparable environmental degradation, loss of biodiversity, and climate change confront us on a daily basis with moral questions about responsibility, nature, and time. To understand and meet these novel responsibilities mandates that we rethink these three concepts, and indeed at an intercultural and interdisciplinary level that has a chance of finding global support. The following issues will be discussed: (i) responsibilities for nature but also the nature of responsibility; (ii) the temporality of responsibility and responsibility for other times, especially future times and people; and (iii) the nature of time and the time (or self-temporalization) of nature.


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