The Joy of Living


18 Dec 2013


The Joy of Living is a path of meditation practice that can be followed by anyone, regardless of religious or cultural orientation. Meditation enables us to discover a lasting contentment that is not subject to the fluctuating conditions of the external world, and to nurture the qualities of wisdom and compassion that naturally manifest from awareness itself.

Though rooted in the ancient Buddhist teachings, the practices taught in the Joy of Living are not religious in nature. They deal with basic functions of the mind, such as mindful awareness and the movements toward happiness and away from suffering. In working with these qualities of mind, we gradually transform our relationship to present–moment experience, learning to approach every thought, feeling, and sensory experience with unconditional warmth and acceptance.”

In the talk, we will explore through meditation practice, the answers of these questions: What is happiness? What is suffering? What is their common and very nature? We wish we would be inspired to find out our own spiritual journey that helps us to become one of the happiest person in the world.

*About Tergar Asia Foundation: It is a not-for-profit organization founded by Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche, a dedicated lama who helped scientists in the west to explore the secret of happiness. He wrote about his personal journey in the bestseller, “The Joy of Living: Unlocking the Secret and Science of Happiness”

Speakers: Lama Sherab, CEO of Tergar Asia Foundation

Organizers: East Asia College, Philosophy and Religious Studies Programme of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Support Organization: Buddhist Philosophy Bookstore (Macau)


All are welcome


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