Last updated:18 Feb 2016

Special Requirement

The Cumulative GPA of the applicants must be achieved for the specified programmes as follows:

  • Minor in Philosophy – 2.0 or above


Application and Result Announcement

  1. Application
    • Completed application form with a copy of whole set academic report must be submitted to the Minor faculty’s office for approval during the application period.
    • Application form (REG/Form/033) can be downloaded from Registry’s website.
  2. Result Announcement
    • The notification letters regarding the results of the minor application will be sent by postal mail.

General Regulations for Pursuing Minor Programmes

  • A minor programme will only apply to undergraduate programmes.
  • A minor programme shall require 18-24 credits of courses.
  • A student who wishes to apply for enrolling in a minor programme should achieve an accumulative GPA of not less than 2.0 (average Grade C).
  • A student can apply for enrolling in a minor programme from the 1st semester of 2nd year of study to 1st semester of the final year of study and shall complete and return a prescribed form to the academic unit concerned for approval. Students having prior approval will be given priority in course enrolment. However, students without prior approval may also apply for qualification of a minor programme in the 2nd semester of the final year of study if they have successfully enrolled in all the courses required by the minor programme.
  • Changing minor programme is subject to approval of academic units concerned and is normally allowed once for each student in the specified years of study. A student who wishes not to continue their enrolled minor programme is required to complete a prescribed form and return to the academic unit concerned.
  • In order to graduate with a minor qualification, a student must complete all requirements of the enrolled minor programme, as well as all the requirements of the major programme of study. The results achieved in the minor courses will be calculated towards the calculation of graduation GPA.