AH/PHIL Guest Lecture – “Virtues at Work – Weber, Luhmann and post-confessional challenges” by Prof. Gorm Harste, Aarhus University, Denmark


Prof. Gorm Harste, Aarhus University, Denmark


17 May 2018


16:00 - 18:00





In this presentation, I’ll discuss Max Weber’s classic analysis of Protestant Ethics and Capitalist Spirit. Do we still live in a ‘work society’ or is a communication society more adequate to describe the development of modernity, as German sociologist Niklas Luhmann propose? The argument in the presentation is that the questions of Catholic, Calvinist or Lutheran confessions always were about the reality of communication. On the one hand, we can observe some of the most classic communities of work, networking or project-making as the Scandinavian countries with work frequencies at about 90 % (for both men and women); at the other hand, we can observe how communication challenges whatever gives meaning in life, organization and society. These challenges do also develop because of the functionally different systems of globalization. Therefore, we have to observe the social implications of still more functionally differentiation systems. A thesis is that we can observe how synchronization takes power over communication and cooperation. Social order is about synchronization, but what does this mean? What does it imply in Europe and in South-East Asia that our life and cooperation forms are temporalized with the virtues of synchronization?


Gorm Harste, dr.scient.pol., professor at Political Science, Aarhus University, Denmark. Harste is a specialist in the historical sociology of state-making; he has written the probably most elaborate sociological theory of war and is a specialist in modern and classical social theories. At the moment, he works with the long term social implications of the European reformations in the 16th century.


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