FAH/PHIL Guest Lecture – “Historical Reconciliation with Reciprocal Non-domination: A Forward-looking Approach to Inherited Responsibility in the Northeast Asia” by Prof. Jun-Hyeok Kwak, Sun Yat-sen University, China


Prof. Jun-Hyeok Kwak, Sun Yat-sen University, China


7 Apr 2017


11:30 - 12:45





Japanese Premier Shinzo Abe is trying to revise the two important statements (Kono and Murayma) which officially apologized for Japan’s wartime aggression and her colonial atrocities, and it has become increasingly obvious that Abe’s attempt will stimulate yet a retrograde dispute over Japan’s responsibility for historical wrongdoings, rather than a process of historical reconciliation. In this context, first, by applying the predominant theories of historical injustice to the problem of historical reconciliation in the Northeast Asia, I will show that civic responsibility rather than national responsibility would be more feasible particularly in terms of inherited responsibility. Second, by juxtaposing the specific implications of ‘shame’ in Northeast Asian cultures with the psyche of victimhood, I argue that the modes of rectification which are preoccupied with a nationalistic shaming or a power-based realpolitik can actually harm the mutual trust that might otherwise enable a broader population to accomplish a ‘thick’ reconciliation in Northeast Asia. Third, by elaborating ‘reciprocal non-domination’ as a regulative principle that encourages both victims and wrongdoers to take a non-ethnocentric deliberation about historical reconciliation, I suggest a forward-looking historical reconciliation with reciprocal non-domination as a viable solution for realizing a thick reconciliation between the Northeast Asian countries.


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