CALL FOR PAPERS – 2nd International Conference on Natural Cognition: “RATIONALITY AND ITS RIVALS” during 10-12 December 2015

27 Oct 2015


2nd International Conference on Natural Cognition



December 10-12, 2015

Philosophy and Religious Studies Programme, Faculty of Arts and Humanities

University of Macau




Much contemporary research in philosophy and related fields attempts to explain cognitive phenomena that are significantly deviant from standard norms of rationality. Delusions, self-deception, wishful thinking, confabulations, and feigning memories, are pervasive in human reasoning, undermining the very idea of the subject as a rational agent. This conference aims at discussing the nature, formation processes, and epistemic role of irrational phenomena in human cognition, by promoting an interdisciplinary discussion of rationality and its ‘rivals’.




Carla Bagnoli (University of Modena-Reggio Emilia – University of Oslo)

Derek Baker (Lingnan University, Hong Kong)

Jonathan Ichikawa (University of British Columbia)

Neil van Leeuwen (Georgia State University)

Lorenzo Magnani (University of Pavia)

James Marshall (University of Sheffield)

Marco Nathan (University of Denver)




Adriano Angelucci (University of Urbino)

Davide Bordini (University of Milan)

Nevia Dolcini (University of Macau)

Jia Jinhua (University of Macau)

Hans-Georg Moeller (University of Macau)

Mario Piazza (University of Chieti-Pescara)

Mog Stapleton (University of Stuttgart)

Guo Tieyuan (University of Macau)




We invite submissions for contributed presentations from philosophy, psychology, neuroscience, computer science, and other related areas. We also welcome submissions focused on interdisciplinary work. Accepted proposals are eligible for receiving funding up to 4.550 MOP (please see details below).


Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

– Models and norms of rationality in philosophy and science

– Continuity vs. discontinuity between normal and abnormal cognition

– Cognitive mechanisms and epistemic functions of delusions and confabulations

– Beliefs and self-knowledge

– Beliefs and self-deception

– Epistemic benefits of cognitive biases

– Beliefs and behavior

– Evolutionary perspectives on reasoning and (ir)rationality

– Non-inferential aspects of cognition

– Evidence, belief formation, and irrational beliefs

– Religious beliefs, rationality and religious delusions

– The epistemic role of imagination


Abstracts of approximately 500 words should be submitted to We encourage submissions of theoretical papers, empirically-oriented research papers, as well as work in progress.




FUNDING FOR CONTRIBUTED SPEAKERS: Accepted contributed speakers will receive a support for travelling (flight/ferry economy round-trip) on the basis of receipts with an upper limit of 4.000 MOP if travelling from non-Asian countries, and of 2.000 MOP if travelling from Asian countries. Moreover, they will be reimbursed for the costs of lunch/dinners related to the workshop on the basis of receipts and with an upper limit of 550 MOP.


ACCEPTED PROPOSALS: Notification of accepted/rejected proposals will be sent by 14 November. A maximum of 5 contributions will be accepted. Contributors will have 40 minutes, ideally divided into 30 minutes of exposition and 10 minutes of discussion.




Inquiries and clarifications about the conference can be addressed to For information about practical matters please contact Ms. Wong ( For more information about the University of Macau, please visit Please refer to our website for further details about the conference.