FAH/PHIL Guest Lecture – “Liberty and Justice: From Rawls to Pettit” by Prof. Han Rui, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, China


Prof. Han Rui, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, China


12 Oct 2018


17:30 - 18:45





This paper examines the topic of distributive justice from the perspective of liberty. It expounds the relationship between liberty and justice, and on basis of that tries to identify the major theories of justice, from that of Rawls to that of Pettit, with different types of liberties. It argues that theories committed to negative and positive liberties, such as left-liberalism, libertarianism, or capability approach, are all found unsatisfying due to the different problems inherent in the two conceptions of liberty they are based on. It then goes on to suggest that, from the viewpoint of liberty at least, Pettit’s republican theory of justice seems to be a better alternative, since the republican liberty can avoid all those problems when serving as a justificatory base for the theory.

Short Bio:

HAN Rui received her MA in politics from University of Warwick (2004) and her PhD in political philosophy from University of Hong Kong (2010). Her research interests center on contemporary political philosophy, including such topics as distributive justice, liberalism, democracy, and Confucianism. She was a visiting assistant professor at the Philosophy Department and the Politics and Public Administration Department, University of Hong Kong, in 2010 and 2012 respectively. She is now an associate professor and Dean of the Department of Culture and Communication, Faculty of English Language and Culture, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies. Han’s work has been published in such journals as Journal of East-West Thought, Review of New Political Economy (新政治經濟學評論), Open Times (開放時代). She has also written book chapters and translated books of philosophy from English to Chinese.


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