FAH/PHIL: Chinese Philosophy and Religious Studies Salon – “Demystifying Immortality: Scientific Explorations” by Prof. Livia Kohn, Boston University, USA


24 May 2016





The ultimate goal of Daoism is immortality, a state of mystical oneness while still on earth and an everlasting life in the heavenly spheres. Closely connected to the stars, immortals have complete control over their body and mind and posse supernormal powers, including multilocation, clairvoiyance, psychokinsis, and the like. While commonly thought as fantastic and unreal, recent progress in science helps us to make sense of these phenomena.

In this paper, using materials from my recent book, Science and the Dao, I discuss the Daoist activation of star energy in the light of modern cosmology and astrophysics; the practice of visualizing the organs of the body with colors and deities in the understanding of cell biology and epigenetics; as well as the nature and power of immortals in relation to magnetoelectric and quantum physics. Overall, science bears out traditional claims, opening a new and enhanced level of translation—of Daoism into Western science as well as of theory into practice.


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