PHIL Guest Lecture – “The Figuration of Time” by Prof. Wong Kwok Kui


9 Oct 2015




This paper is a part of a research project called “Time and Poetics”, which aims at analysing and exploring the relation between time and the creative use of language, e.g., in poetry, epic, and drama. It has its model in Paul Ricoeur’s Time and Narrative, but poses a more fundamental question: while Ricoeur attempts to resolve the problem of time in narrative drawing from Aristotle, Augustine, Kant and Husserl, etc., this study wants to push the question further back and inquire about the role of language, its structure, elements, semantics and syntax. It will look at different elements in dramatic language such as meter, rhythm, rhetorical devices, and metaphor, etc. to see how language may, on the one hand, flow with time while, on the other hand, create permanent unities in this flow such as meaning and concepts. It will use some scenes from Shakespeare as examples.


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