PHIL Symposium – “The Human-Animal Boundary” exploring the line in philosophy and fiction – 4 SAO Smart Points in total


27 - 28 Nov 2015




Friday, November 27th


9:00 Introductory Remarks


9:30-11:30 Situating the Boundary (moderator: Matthew Gibson)


Alison Suen (New Rochelle, USA), “The Empress and the Beast: Finding a Philosophical Voice in Fiction”


Jayson C. Jimenez (Manila, Philippines), “In Defense of the Lost Creature”



14:00-17:00 Contesting Exceptionalism (moderator: Nandita Batra)


Aparajita Nanda (Berkeley, USA), “Re-writing the Human-Animal Divide: Butler’s “Amborg” and Hindu Philosophy”


Mary Leonard (Mayaguez, Puerto Rico), “Against Human Exceptionalism: The Animal and the Human in Berger, Agamben and Braidotti”


Tomaz Grusovnik (Koper, Slovenia), “The avoidance of moral responsibility: Coleridge’s The Rime of the Ancient Mariner and the human/animal boundary”



17:00-18:00 Keynote (moderator: Mario Wenning)


Eduardo Mendieta (University Park, USA), “A Bestiary for the Anthropocene: The End of Nature and the Future of Animal Life on Planet Earth”



Saturday, November 28th


9:00-11:00 Wisdom and Knowledge (moderator: Li Ying)


Edmond Eh (Macau SAR), How humans can learn virtue from animals: The Judeo-Christian use of the serpent as a symbol of wisdom


Sabine Leonore Müller (Hangzhou, PRC), “Zones of Non-Knowledge” – Facing The Open in R. M. Rilke, Giorgio Agamben and Beyond



11:00-12:00 Keynote (moderator: Nahum Brown)


Nandita Batra (Mayaguez, Puerto Rico), “The Human-Animal Boundary in English Romanticism: Exploring the Line(s)”



14:00-16:00 Cross-Species Relationships (moderator: Hans-Georg Möller)


Jerwin Agpaoa (Diliman, Philippines), “Animal Friends: Going Beyond the Rigidity of the Human-Animal Boundary”


Josh Bergamin (Durham, England), “‘Bridging the Abyss: Re-interpreting Heidegger’s animals as a basis for inter-species understanding.'”



16:00-16:30 Closing Remarks


All are welcome




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