FAH-DPORT: 從教師、規範、慣例和評核的角度談雙語教學 Bilingual Education: From teacher to rules, practices and assessment


Catarina Gaspar


28 Nov 2017


18:30 - 20:30


E21 - G016


Catarina Gaspar is Assistant Professor in the University of Lisbon since 2000, member of the Scientific Commission of the Programme of Portuguese as Foreign Language / Second Language and Director of the Master in Portuguese Language and Culture (PFL/PL2). As part of her teaching or research, she teaches postgraduate subjects: Multilingualism and Language Policy, and Teaching, Learning and Assessment FL/L2; From Latin to Romance Languages, Culture and Society and Culture and Globalization.

This seminar aims to discuss the challenges that bilingual education poses to the whole educational community, in general, and to teachers. The starting point will be teachers’ ideas about ‘bilingual education’ models. The teacher is the agent and executor of a set of rules and guidelines that come from a linguistic policy that answers to an educational context in which bilingualism is an option and / or answer to the needs of the community. The intention is to understand the impact of these norms on teaching practices in the classroom, as well as on the different ways in which students’ evaluation is implemented. In addition, there is a reflection on the importance of bilingual education in responding to communities such as those in Macao, that require answers to the growing societal bilingualism, not just to individual bilingualism.



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